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Dr. Robinson - DVM

Dr. Meg Robinson DVM, BS has two degrees. Her veterinary degree is from Purdue University and her Bachelors of Science is from the University of Wisconsin Madison in Wildlife Ecology. She has been practicing medicine for almost 30 years, doing all of the day to day tasks needed for general medicine and surgery.


  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, BS in Wildlife Ecology. 1981
  • Purdue University-Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 1985
  • I have an interest in treating exotic animals including birds, reptiles, and small rodents.

Stacey - Veterinary Assistant

Stacey has worked at the clinic since April of 2011.  She enjoys working with the animals as well as the clients.  She had a cat that gave birth to a litter of kittens on her welcome mat.  She did give 2 of the kittens away but was not able to let go of the other 2, so she now has 2 cats named Whinny and Sleepy.


Enjoys making quilts and competing at area quilt shows.  Also enjoys photography and spending time in the outdoors.

Nancy - Veterinary Assistant

Nancy has been at the clinic since September 1st, 2015.  She has been in the field for 13 years and spent six years caring for pets at a boarding facility. She enjoys working with the pets as well as the clients. Along with her husband, Jim, daughter, Megan, and teenage son, Andy at home, she has two dogs and three cats.


Enjoys baking and cooking.  Doing different crafts and gardening.



Belle is a 12 year old wire haired Vizsla. She spends her days at the Clinic trying to get attention from whom ever walks in the door.


- Greeting clients at the clinic door

- Carrying around her dog toys

- Chattering her teeth when she is excited


Togam was dropped off at the front door of our clinic. When arriving Togam was infested with magots and was close to death. After intensive care and love his health was restored and he is now the Clinic mascot. There was talk of naming him magot but instead he got the name Togam which is magot spelled backwards. He is 14 years old and gets attention from whoever he decides to come out and meet.


- Eating

- Being lazy

- Snoring while sleeping

- Greeting clients in the lobby (preferably males for some reason)